The home buying process can be financially overwhelming as much as it is emotionally. We all know that owning the dream home also means spending huge amounts of money for the down payment, real estate transaction fees, and other expenses. This is also one of the reasons why many buyers, even sellers, prefer to skip the home inspection to cut down on expenses. The problem with skipping the home inspection, however, is that you want to protect your investment, but how can you if you don’t know if there are issues. Even the thought of having a home inspection can be daunting for some and they choose to finalize the transaction without one. Perhaps another reason they might skip the home inspection is that they have no idea how much a home inspection costs.

A home inspection, while not mandatory, is a crucial and integral part of a real estate transaction. This is a wise approach to getting the real knowledge of what you are actually paying for. Whether you are a buyer, or a seller, or a homeowner who’s not selling, you need to clearly understand the current condition of the property. Many would think that the home inspection costs in Akron OH can break the bank. But, it’s the other way around! In fact, the home inspection cost is only a small fraction of the potential expenses or future repairs and can even save you thousands in the long run.

How much does a home inspection cost in Akron OH?

At Prestige Home Inspections, our typical home inspection cost can run between $400 and $500. The home inspection cost can vary depending on the size and age of the home, scope of the services, and other factors. Below is a breakdown of what you need to consider so you can anticipate how much and what you are actually paying.

  • The size of the property including the square footage of the living area
  • The estimated amount of time for the inspection
  • The age of the home or property. Newer home inspections can be between 2 to 3 hours while older homes can take up to 4 hours or longer.

Our typical Akron OH home inspection covers the following:

The Exterior Of The Structure

This includes the Foundation, Roof, Flashing, Chimney, Downspouts, Gutters, Siding, Trim, Windows, Doors, Stairs, Decks & Patios, Grading, Drainage, and other exterior structures


  • Exterior Drainage


Gutters, Downspouts, Grading, Overall property drainage are inspected

  • Crawlspace

Foundation Material, Flooring, Supporting Members, Water Penetration, Area Ventilation & Drainage


  • Surrounding Components


Driveways, Walkways, Retaining Walls, Decks, Porches, Patios


  • Garage or Carport


Garage Doors, Safety Controls, Fire Protection Materials, Doors, Windows, Electrical

Interior Of The Structure

Electrical, Plumbing, Ceilings, Walls, Floors, Closets, Electrical Outlets, Doors, Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, Counters & Exhaust are checked for functionality

  • Attic

This includes the Insulation, Ventilation, Framing, Any Water Penetration, Accessibility & Storage


  • Plumbing


Bath & Kitchen Fixtures, Vents, Water Flow & Shutoff Valves


  • Water Heater


Condition of the Equipment, Capacity, Energy Source & Safety Controls


  • Heating System


Condition of the Equipment, Energy Source, Zones, Safety Controls, Ductwork/Piping


  • Air Conditioning


Condition of the Equipment, Zones, Ductwork


  • Electrical System


Service Entry, Meter, Type, Rating of Overload Protection, Grounding, Bonding, Distribution Panel, Circuits, Outlets, Fixtures, Conductor Materials & Branch Systems


  • Fireplace


Condition of the interior of the Fireplace, Damper Operation, Exposed Flue, and Hearth

Do take note, however, that there are unexpected costs you need to consider following the inspection. The existence of foundation issues, mold, and problems in plumbing, basement, electrical system, HVAC, and other issues can affect your finances. Make sure that you talk with your agent and discuss how you can move forward with the purchase, having all the necessary information you need.

A home inspection may not be required, but skipping it can bring on some very costly issues.

Call us now to find out how much our home inspection costs in Akron OH. Save yourself time and expense. Knowledge is Power and knowing any issues upfront can save you thousands in the future.

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